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How to Take Care Face Naturally

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Hasil gambar untuk cara merawat wajah secara alami
Maintaining health is a dream for all people, especially the women. The face is one of the performances to note, from the cleanliness of pimples and blackheads and others. For that we need the one kitamenjaga health or caring face on a regular basis. Caring face various way, namely by using cosmetics or drugs as well as Natural. The advantages of using a natural way, which does not contain chemicals. But can nourish the skin. Some of these Natural Ways That is by using:

1. Avocado
In addition to good to eat, Fruits Avocados also can clean or remove the oil that is in the face. How: Take the avocado flesh, then mash until smooth. Before applying the cream Avocado, let wash face with clean running water. After that, apply cream to the face and smooth avocado. Wait for approximately 30 minutes, after that wash your face with warm water and clean.

2. Tomatoes
Tomato is a fruit that is rich in anti-oxidants which are able to clean dust or kototran attached. Tomatoes are also able to eliminate the irritation of the face and also can eliminate acne. His manner: Cut Tomatoes with thin that size. After the Paste on the face that has a lot of oil, wait approximately 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

3. Honey
In addition to herbal medicine, honey is also able to reduce the oil content that is on your face. You enough then applied honey on the face and wait approximately 10 minutes after the wash with soapy water.

4. Water
Water is also able to reduce the amount of oil that is on the face, just you drink lots of water, then remove the oil on the face was reduced. eat less foods that contain a lot of oil.

5. Natural Masks
In addition to the artificial mask of cosmetics, natural mask is also able to cleanse the face naturally. By using Bengkoang, bananas, apples, and others were able to clean the face, the facial oil. Natural mask is also very easy and not too spend that much. Enough you cut and paste on the face yam wait up to 30 minutes. After that, wash with clean water and soap.


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